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Born in Talladega, Alabama – yes, the one from the movie, she ran-did-not-walk to New York right after high school. Armed with a double major in French Literature and Theatre ( Phi Beta Kappa, from Vassar, which has helped approximately zero times) she headed to LA. 


On screen, she’s been, among other things, Maria Bello’s ex, Robert Patrick’s hooker nemesis, Hank Azaria’s hooker nemesis,  Hayden Panettiere’s lawyer nemesis, Gina Rodriguez’ yuppie nemesis, Ed Begley Jr.’s angry daughter, Malcolm McDowell’s homicidal daughter, Octavia Spencer’s needy patient, and the fertility specialist for everyone’s favorite biracial transgender couple. Oh and, briefly, a demon in actual hell.

Her original translation and adaptation of Moliere’s “Tartuffe,” set in Roy-Moore-era Alabama, has played for two seasons at Birmingham’s Virginia Samford Theatre.  She’s performed Shakespeare on stage, Chekhov on film, and her own material in every medium available, culminating in the zoom episodic she’s just co-written and starred in, “The Corona Dialogues,” for which she just won Best Actress at The Indie Fest Awards. Coming soon to a sofa near you (um, Hulu).

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